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Welcome to GP Elite Inc


Based in Reno, Nevada, GP Elite Inc is a forward-thinking marketing firm specializing in new customer acquisition. In conjunction with leading telecommunication companies, we work to strengthen customer relationships, expand market share, and improve brand recognition. By prioritizing results generated through hard work and integrity, we stay true to our values, and as one of Reno’s best and brightest places to work, we offer proven results, guaranteed success, and career advancement to those we partner with. With our team and client’s growth as our #1 focus, we look to expand into additional locations year after year.

GP Elite Inc is a company who values a “Work Hard, Play Hard” mentality. While always maintaining a level of professionalism, our team members are fun, competitive, and hard working. Their drive to succeed leads to a company culture of “get the job done but don’t forget to have fun while doing it,” which allows for an amazing work-life balance.

Our mission at GP Elite Inc is to come through for our clients and our team by providing an atmosphere where personal and professional development is prized and encouraged.




The difference
between those who succeed and fail
is not taking advantage of opportunities

(Eric Thomas)




What You’ll Learn

• Customer Acquisition
• Direct Marketing
• Retail Sales
• Client Relations
• Team Building
• Goal Setting
• Time Management
• Leadership

What You’ll Do

• Meet face-to-face with customers
• Train and develop others
• Generate new accounts
• Campaign coordination
• Participate in marketing and sales workshops
• Engage in business meetings
• Management training

What You’ll Enjoy

• Challenging work environment
• An exciting team environment
• Travel opportunities
• Advance within the company based on performance, not seniority
• Weekly office nights
• Philanthropy Events
• Competitive Compensation



Marketing & Sales

Our team’s sales presentations are both product-specific and customizable. Varying from customer to customer, the GP Elite Inc team is coached to adapt to each specific buyer and situation they’re presented with. We place serving as a liaison of information together with creating a memorable buying experience.


Customer Relations

Hired to reach one customer at a time, GP Elite Inc makes outsourcing a breeze. By implementing and mastering a face-to-face strategy in acquiring a larger customer base, our approach generates instantaneous results. Our form of marketing blends the arts of communication, negotiation, and relationship-building!


Brand Recognition

By representing clients in big-box retailers, we are able to influence consumers’ awareness of available services. Our team helps potential buyers leave with an understanding of benefits, costs, etc. With recognition needed to jumpstart sales, we help customers correctly associate our client’s services as beneficial.


Management Training

What generates our clients the greatest return over time is the development of top performers into management. By communicating quarterly growth projections, GP Elite Inc develops leading marketing representatives into marketing management positions, helping our clients oversee new office locations!


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“Success is never owned; it is only rented, and the rent is due every day.”


–Rory Vaden



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Ganessa Pickens, CEO


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Address: 3100 Mill St, STE 215, Reno, NV 89502

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It isn’t where you come from
it’s where you’re going
that counts.


–Ella Fitzgerald